The Network Celebrates 10 Years!

February 2012

An integral part of the Quad Cities Chamber, The Network is proud to celebrate ten years of success this year! For many, it's hard to believe that a whole decade has passed since the inception of young professionals groups in the Quad Cities. But ten years later, The Network: Young Professionals of the Quad Cities is still going strong, expanding rapidly & making the Quad Cities a better place to live, work & play for young professionals!

This entire year will be dedicated to celebrating all of the successes thatThe Network has had in the past ten years including merging YP groups together, forming key partnerships, creating a stronger voice for YPs in the Quad Cities community, a brand spanking new website, updated branding and of course...our wonderful members!

Looking ahead, The Network has a bright future! As we look to expand our presence deeper into the community, we invite all Chamber members that are young professionals to take an active role in the organization.  Join us at a Network @ Noon or Network @ Night event, join a committee, volunteer with eNgage, and attend the 2012 Network Symposium & Community Impact Awards on Thursday, May 3rd! We want our members to be actively engaged and help us continue to expand our presence in the Quad Cities by creating opportunities for young professionals to thrive and cultivating the next generation of talent in our region! Join us as we highlight not only our awesome programming, but our region as well as we visit cultural institutions throughout the year, showcase our vibrant downtowns and use our unique transportation (especially if you join us at the Symposium!).

“Creating an environment where young professionals can thrive is what The Network is all about. Our goal is to attract, retain & engage the next generation of workforce in our region through our programming & initiatives and to showcase how awesome life in the Quad Cities really is, “says Network director, Anne Spoden.

The Network is not only an organization to gather YPs together, but also a group to retain young talent in the Quad Cities region!  64% of our members say that The Network has a positive impact on their life in the Quad Cities making them more likely to stay in our community, with 54% of our members wanting to stay in our community for at least 10 years (Next Generation Consulting Survey, June 2010)!  Ensuring a high quality workforce & showing the attractiveness of our region are huge priorities for The Network and are shown in everything we do!

We encourage YPs to get involved in this very special year. Join The Network in 2012 as we celebrate the past ten years, and look forward to the next ten!