New Mission, New Workplan for Young Professionals

To begin Empowering Tomorrow s Leaders to Transform the Quad Cities, Young Professionals of the Quad Cities will:

Develop the Leadership Capacity of Young Professionals in the Region

·         Host at least 10 [email protected] events to build knowledge, skills, and relationships important to personal and professional development

· Identify and connect YPs with opportunities to serve on community boards of directors, task forces, city/ county commissions to learn community issues and dynamics, and hone leadership skills

Build Camaraderie and Connections among Young Professionals in the Region

·         Host at least 10 [email protected] events to build social and professional relationships important to workforce retention and community engagement

·         Implement a ‘best in class’ college Summer Internship Program to acclimate, welcome and extol the virtues of living and working in the Quad Cities

Change the Self-Image of the Quad Cities

·         Implement an 18-month effort to engage area residents in building community pride about living and working in the Quad Cities

o EX: Launch the # tagtheQC effort to tout assets and amenities that show the Quad Cities as a cool, creative and prosperous place to live and work

o   Continue to elevate Quad Cities Week as an avenue to celebrate progressive regional ideas and culture

o   Craft and distribute to employers a field manual detailing cool and creative venues, establishments, and amenities in the region

·         Identify and begin to strategize a big idea service, asset or amenity that would put the Quad Cities on the map as a progressive place for individuals, families and companies

o EX: Bring Uber to the Quad Cities

o EX: DT for the QC

Sustain a Strong YP Organizational Structure within the Chamber

· Promote The Network and its programs to individuals and companies in the Quad Cities region via:

o   Develop and regularly update content on the YP Website

o   Draft and communicate weekly ‘YP Hotspots’ for use on social media

o   Craft and distribute a YP E-News every other week to YP members and stakeholders

o   Regularly post and promote YP events on Social Media to spark attendance

o   Regularly distribute articles, links, etc. to YP Leadership Council, members and stakeholders to develop awareness and understanding of community and YP issues

o   Present annual Awards Show to spotlight YP and Chamber achievements

o   Promote diversity in our programming and in our membership and leadership

· Vet, recommend and orient candidates for The Network Leadership Council