Enroll your interns in i.network!

Through the eyes of a college student, what does the Quad Cities have to offer a young professional? Enroll your intern in the i.network program, and they'll see a rich and vibrant community that offers plenty of social and community engagement possibilities, cool places to live, professional opportunity and more.

As a workforce attraction and retention initiative, i.network exposes college students and interns socially and professionally to the potential that life in our community has to offer. i.network

Beyond introducing interns to good restaurants and cool places to live, i.network gives these college graduates an outlet to network with other interns and like-minded people in the community.

Students will be invited to:

  • Social events to allow interns to build new relationships
  • Professional development luncheons designed specifically around student interests and concerns
  • Learn more about companies and organizations offering different cultural atmospheres and employment opportunities
  • Engage in community and government issues
  • Volunteer alongside other young professionals who are living and raising families here
  • Learn about the Quad Cities business community

For the past three years, i.network has been successfully engaging interns in our community, increasing the likelihood that they'll return to our community and become a valuable part of the Quad Cities workforce.

i.network is free! , and let us show them what the Quad Cities has to offer young professionals after graduation.